Beautiful Empaths

I wanted to make this Tumblr blog is dedicated to us empaths.(a person who feels other peoples feelings and emotions and are highly sensitive to their environment) There are positive quotes here, helpful tips,and there is support too. This blog is a sub-blog of my main blog(http://www. so if you have any problems or need to talk, I'm here and can see it from my main blog's inbox. I'm really shy so I probably won't message you first .. but when you message me, I always reply and if it's a private ask, I don't publish it.

This page was formerly known as "empath-problems" but I changed it because I realized it was a negative name to attach to this beautiful, double edged gift we have. It's like life, it's beautiful but it can be painful.

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"Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply."

Stephen R. Covey  (via eternalunfolding)

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I Am


I no longer feel the need to describe myself using titles(being a Virgo or something like that), no longer feel the need to relate self worth with possessions, money, etc. I just am.  I feel like I am growing far beyond who I was before, what I once knew, what I once felt. I  wonder what the destination is but I do trust in our Creator to lead me to the right thing, down the right path. Listening to my soul, I know what is best for me. Everything is right there waiting for us to grasp. 

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My bio professor showed us this for Valentine’s Day

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Have you ever met someone just as sensitive as you? Have you immediately picked that up without them telling you? Bonus points if you can detect their energy (aura).

How about when the other person senses you first? That look of confirmation, a small smile maybe before they move on to their next errand … Wild huh?

Along with empaths, this experience could happen to HSPs, introverts, and other sensitives (including extroverted sensitives). :D

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"It’s wonderful when you can bring sparkle into people’s lives without fading away from your own true color. Keep the hue in you."

Dodinsky (via jhbrd)

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If you see this, please don’t kill yourself. You will thank yourself one day. You will be happy you are alive.

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To sufferwithout knowing why

I just discovered this site because I am on a delicately constructed raft in the middle of a vast, dark, raging see….But no one else sees what I do and therefore I have no one to reach out to…I am lost in a world today where everyone proclaims to be found…not me, I`m completely lost. I`m cut off from all people because I just can`t absorb their pain, dysfunction, confusion, and mostly petty hatred….I cant love anymore because it hurts too much when they leave, and they always leave because I always help them to unload and unburden and get rid of luggage and then its just me and my desire to not awaken….sorry if this seems a little macabre….8-)

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